Neutral Fuels India manufactures hand sanitiser as demand surges

Neutral Fuels is manufacturing its own brand of hand sanitiser
Neutral Fuels is manufacturing its own brand of hand sanitiser
At the Neutral Fuels India refinery in India biofuel is not the only thing being manufactured these days – it is producing its own brand of hand sanitiser Neutralizer.
This is part of the company’s effort in Haryana, just outside Delhi, to help meet the national demand for sanitiser in response to COVID-19.
Neutralizer contains 80% pure ethyl alcohol, the active ingredient in an effective hand sanitiser which is necessary to neutralise the virus.
Madhav Rajgarhia, managing director of Neutral Fuels India, said the factory was only commissioned this year, but the company never hesitated to put its skills and knowledge at the service of the community.
He said: “When we realised that we could make a highly effective sanitiser, we worked fast to get it on to the market as quickly as possible. When we say that we’re all in this together, this is what it means to us.”
Karl Feilder, CEO and founder of Neutral Fuels, headquartered in Dubai, said the company was privileged to be able to help India fight the virus and help to contain its spread.
He added: “Not many companies have such a direct way of being able to help. Sanitiser is part of a bigger picture and an important contributor to keeping the virus at bay, especially when clean running water may not be available. It’s good not to feel completely helpless in the face of this virus, both for us as the manufacturer and for the public who use Neutralizer.”
Neutral Fuels India will be backing Neutralizer with an extensive social media awareness campaign. “We need to stress the importance of good hygiene against an unseen enemy and educate Indian citizens on staying healthy and safe,” added Rajgarhia.
Neutral Fuels is manufacturing its own brand of hand sanitiser