Nov 25, 2022
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Bioethanol News
Nov 21, 2022
Cornelius Claeys, manager of renewable transport fuels at Stratas Advisors, outlines what attracted him to become involved in this sector. What was your first job? My first job ever was as a bartender, so I guess technically I was selling ethanol at the age of 15. My first grown-up job involved no alcohol at all. This was in Saudi Arabia, where I analysed the potential... [Read More]

Nov 14, 2022
We are all aware that reaching our climate neutrality goal by 2050 is not an easy one... on the contrary, it will be extremely difficult, especially now with the impact of the Russian invasion on Ukraine that has temporarily shifted the EU’s short-term focus to energy security and energy poverty. A complex regulatory framework currently being shaped is needed as soon... [Read More]

Nov 11, 2022
Slowing growth forecasts for South American economies look set to present a sustained challenge to biofuel investors and developers in the region, not least in Brazil where a weakening of Government resolve on biodiesel blending rates has angered producers. After reporting an estimated 6.7% growth ‘rebound’ in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) in 2021, the World... [Read More]

Oct 31, 2022
While the aviation industry remains committed to increasing production of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) to help decarbonise the industry, limited production capacity and cost premiums over conventional fossil fuels mean that SAF currently comprises less than 0.1% of total aviation fuel consumption1. To scale up production and increase supply, blending mandates alongside... [Read More]

Oct 18, 2022
Sami Faour, global technical director at BetaTec speaks to Biofuels International about the company’s involvement in the alternative fuels’ sector Can you introduce yourself to our readers and provide us with a brief history about BetaTec? I'm the global technical director for BetaTec. I lead the global innovation team and oversee collaboration with key stakeholders... [Read More]

Oct 11, 2022
ENVIEN Group is one of the largest firms involved in the production of biofuels in the CEE countries and it also plays a vital role in the agricultural sector. The company has been investing in next-generation technology and has been operating an innovative BDI RepCAT process plant since the beginning of this year. ENVIEN purchased a running biodiesel plant in Hungary... [Read More]

Oct 10, 2022
The world has finally agreed on a long-term plan to curb carbon emissions from flying. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has welcomed the adoption of a Long Term Aspirational Goal (LTAG) to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 at the 41st Assembly of the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO). This crucial step forward by states aligns... [Read More]

Oct 4, 2022
Kevin Lucke, president of Chevron Renewable Energy Group, answers questions from Biofuels International following Chevron’s acquisition of biofuels producer Renewable Energy Group On June 13 Chevron Corp completed its previously announced acquisition of biofuel producer Renewable Energy Group Inc (REG). The rebranded business segment, Chevron Renewable Energy Group,... [Read More]

Sep 29, 2022
Global warming, like the sword of Damocles, is the ever-present threat ready to destroy our everyday lives. The intensity and the frequency of natural disasters could catastrophically change our way of life at any moment. The rush to prevent natural disasters is growing exponentially and new “renewables” companies are emerging like tulips in the spring. In... [Read More]

Sep 22, 2022
Getting Asia back on track after the shock of Covid-19 was never going to be easy, even before the uncertainties now being caused by ‘armed conflict involving key global actors’. That’s the careful conflict description chosen by the Asia Development Bank (ADB) to cover Russia’s six-month-old invasion of Ukraine, which inevitably lies at the heart of the difficult... [Read More]

Sep 13, 2022
Finally after several setbacks it was all systems go for the Biofuels International Conference and Expo in Brussels, Belgium. Now that the successful event has been concluded, next year's has been pencilled on for next May at the same venue. It was hard to believe that the last time everyone convened for the conference at the glorious former 1930s theatre turned hotel,... [Read More]

Sep 8, 2022
Just a few short years ago, biofuels were an ‘outsider’s’ option spearheaded by a few environmentally-minded pioneers. However, this year should cement this new normal, as growing pressure towards sustainability pushes more stakeholders to consider immediate ways to reduce their emissions. Numbers don’t lie – 2021 once again confirmed the maritime industry’s... [Read More]

Sep 6, 2022
Jing Xieng Han, General Manager at GoodFuels Asia Pacific, outlines why she feels so passionately about the biofuels industry What was your first job? My first role in the energy sector was at BP’s Singapore office in 2000. After taking different roles in their finance and accounting departments, I had the opportunity to become the executive assistant to the CEO... [Read More]

Aug 30, 2022
Mark Wubbels, head of RBL emerging markets at Clariant, speaks to Biofuels International about the challenges the company faces in a post-pandemic world made more uncertain by the Ukraine war. Can you outline how the past 12 months have been for Clariant? Over the last 12 months, much like the year before, almost all the geographies and markets in which we operate... [Read More]

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