Nov 22, 2021
The EU’s climate is paramount and can’t be hijacked
Nov 15, 2021
As a customer-driven and market-focused technology provider in the field of biodiesel, Austrian company BDI has carried out more than 30 retrofit projects worldwide. In terms of plant operation and installation, BDI understands retrofitting to be the improvement and optimisation of existing biodiesel installations, for example, with regard to feedstock flexibility, increase... [Read More]

Nov 8, 2021
Aviation and marine transport have a direct effect on global greenhouse gas emissions and air quality. The BioSferA project aims to mitigate this impact through the development of innovative and high performing biofuels. That is why the project aims to develop a costeffective production method of sustainable aviation and maritime fuels, by combining different technologies. The... [Read More]

Nov 1, 2021
GIDARA Energy is a Dutch technology-based energy company focused on converting non-recyclable waste into syngas – a clean and versatile source of energy. The company’s first plant, Advanced Methanol Amsterdam (AMA), will produce an average of 87.5 kilotons per annum (KTA) of renewable methanol from 175 KTA of local non-recyclable waste. AMA includes a testing facility,... [Read More]

Oct 25, 2021
A team from Net- Zero-Solution – a division of Channoil  Energy – examined  the rapid development of  advanced feedstock markets  covering the current regulatory  environment and the impact  it is having on advanced  feedstock availability. The team then looked at the matrix of feedstock types that are emerging and examined some of the new arrivals on the scene. They... [Read More]

Oct 21, 2021
In recent years, renewable technologies have reached technical readiness, providing commercially viable solutions for the energy transition – some backed by over 15 years of research and development. But as legislation and technology for low-carbon energy industries converge, a new emerging market has been created – the renewable fuels market. This market lies at... [Read More]

Oct 7, 2021
The pioneering partnership between Neste, McDonald’s Netherlands, and HAVI does more than cut fast food’s carbon emissions. It proves that by scrutinising a company’s sustainability practices, hidden ways to future-proof your business through circularity are revealed. Every day, McDonald’s serves fries and hamburgers to a multitude of customers. Many of them... [Read More]

Oct 4, 2021
The name ‘Fit for 55’ may have many people scratching their heads – is it an exercise programme, or maybe a breakfast cereal? – but in EU circles it is already part of the common language – shorthand for a sweeping set of proposals to remake the legislative landscape for energy and climate policy. For the EU biofuels industry, the new proposals – including... [Read More]

Sep 29, 2021
The bleak realisation that overcoming COVID-19 will be a long-haul process is a daunting prospect for us all. Early optimism that  vaccination protection would  facilitate a rapid return to  normal has gradually given  way to an acceptance that  this is a pandemic which is  more likely to keep hitting  us in renewed variant waves  for the foreseeable future. Assessing... [Read More]

Sep 21, 2021
On 14 July, as part of the European Green Deal, the EU announced a broad new package of policy proposals which aim to accelerate decarbonisation of the aviation sector. If fully implemented, the measures will have a significant impact on the EU’s aviation industry. However, while the initiatives will undoubtedly increase costs for industry participants and passengers,... [Read More]

Sep 13, 2021
Independent bulk liquids storage and distribution company Standic, based in Dordrecht in the Netherlands, received sustainability certification for biofuels storage several years ago.  The company was also awarded International Sustainability and Carbon Commission (ISCC-EU) and the German version ISCC System certification. Standic said the certification was “essential”... [Read More]

Sep 2, 2021
Krieg & Fischer Ingenieure is an engineering company specialising in the design and engineering of biogas plants. Torsten Fischer has been active in the biogas sector for more than 30 years. In 1999, together with Andreas Krieg, he founded Krieg & Fischer Ingenieure, an engineering company that provides tailor-made solutions for biogas plants for clients all over... [Read More]

Aug 23, 2021
Cassidy Walter, the Iowa Renewable Fuels Association’s communications director, outlines the role the organisation is playing in promoting biofuels while fending off the challenge from electric vehicle promoters. For such a small state, Iowa is used to leading in many ways. Iowa is ranked the number one state for opportunity by the US News and World Report and is... [Read More]

Aug 16, 2021
Biomass feedstock is a key source of renewable energy, essential for generating sustainable electricity, heat and transport fuels. This alternative energy source plays a major role in the transition away from greenhouse gas-intensive fuels toward a more sustainable, low carbon future. Within the fuel sector, the manufacturing of biofuel blends using biomass resources... [Read More]

Aug 12, 2021
The rising presence of CO2 in the atmosphere is not a new problem and it is widely known. In 2019, a new record amount of CO2 was recorded in the atmosphere at around 409 parts per million (ppm). Carbon emissions have been increasing every year with an increase of approximately 12 billion tons of emissions over the period of 1990 to 20201. The good news is that many... [Read More]

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