Volume 11, Issue 6
Published: November 6, 2017
California is known for its innovative technology, progressive politics and sweeping views of the Pacific Ocean. It is also the top agricultural producing state in the US, and a visit to its Central Valley... [Read more]
US senators, representatives and state governors largely from the Midwest took the White House by storm in mid-October in response to a late September notice from the US Environmental Protection Agency... [Read more]
UK sustainable energy company claims to be the first ever to have successfully converted actuall andfill gas (biogas) into drop-in renewable diesel fuelwith no fossil fuel additives. Its technology also... [Read more]
Since the beginning of its expansion period about 30 years ago, the global biofuels industry has been pursuing cellulosic solutions. While there are now a handful of large biomass-based cellulosic ethanol... [Read more]
The future of bioethanol, advanced biofuel developments and an uncertain policy landscape were some of the hot topics discussed at this year’s Biofuels International and Bioenergy Insight conference.The... [Read more]
Avinash Alagumalai, a researcher and assistant professor from the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the KPR Institute of Engineering and Technology, Coimbatore, India, was part of a study attempting... [Read more]
UPM’s Biofore Concept Car has attracted plenty of interest and during the autumn and winter it can be spotted at major events in Europe and Asia. What is the concept all about? The concept car is... [Read more]
Most dry-grind ethanol plants built in recent years are well designed and fairly robust, but operating knowledge and equipment updates still offer many opportunities foryield, energy, and operational improvements.... [Read more]
REDcert was founded in 2010 by leading associations and organisations of the German agricultural and biofuel sectors. By creating the scheme, the economic groups affected assumed joint responsibility for... [Read more]