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Help to recycle syringe filters. Check your lab's eligibility for Cytiva's syringe filter recycling programme.

Cytiva wants your help to recycle syringe filters! They are the first in the industry to recycle syringe filters with TerraCycle and are proud to be leading the way.


How sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) is making its way in the aviation sector

As part of the BIO4A project, SkyNRG will provide its valuable expertise in the sector to make BIO4A mission a reality: enabling the large-scale pre-commercial production of ASTM-certified SAF in the European Union. In this short interview, Oskar tells us how sustainable aviation fuel is making its way in the aviation sector, from fuel sourcing to airport delivery.

The story of UPM BioVerno Diesel - a journey of innovation from idea to final product

Biofuel from Algae

University of Michigan scientists grew various combinations of freshwater algal species in 80 artificial ponds at U-M's E.S. George Reserve near Pinckney, Michigan in the first large-scale, controlled experiment to test the widely held idea that biodiversity can improve the performance of algal biofuel systems in the field.

Air France - Lab'Line for the future - Biofuels

Air France is demonstrating its ongoing commitment to the environment, using itsToulouse - Paris-Orly route as an innovation showcase of sustainable development called Lab'line For the Future.

Converting Sewer Fat into Green Fuel- BBC News

Lurking in the sewers beneath the streets there are giant blobs of congealed cooking fat known as "fatbergs". Now one company has come up with a clever way of making money out of them. Their efforts may one day change perceptions of fatbergs - turning the lumps of putrid waste into a valuable commodity.