EU increases Argentine biodiesel imports

Following an anti-dumping and anti-subsidy tariff on US biodiesel in March, the EU is receiving greater imports of Argentinean biodiesel.

Switzerland-based biodiesel
producer Biopetrol says European biodiesel producers are calling for an investigation into cheap biodiesel exports, which they say are edging them out of the market.

European producers say they suspect biodiesel is being transhipped from the US to nearby countries in order to escape higher duties.

According to Eurostat, Europe’s statistics database, Argentina’s biofuel exports increased by a factor of 20 over the course of a year. This represents a jump to more than 85,000 tonnes in 2009 from just 4,293 tonnes in April 2008.

Domestic biodiesel producers maintain that Argentina, as well as Canada and Mexico, are exporting beyond their production capacity.

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