Williams plans climate positive strategy by 2030

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Williams have committed themselves to becoming climate positive by 2030 as part of a far-reaching climate change target.
Williams has also become the first F1 team to sign up to the United Nations Sports for Climate Action Framework.
Climate positive means an organisation is removing more carbon from the atmosphere than it is producing.
To achieve this ambitious goal, Williams Racing has developed a series of new technological and data driven initiatives, as part of a comprehensive purpose driven sustainability strategy, aiming to address some of the most important environmental challenges facing F1.
The British team will deploy circular economy strategies and will become actively involved in projects such as carbon capture technologies.
CEO Jost Capito said Williams would be "developing advanced technology to meet this goal".
He added: "We wanted to push the envelope and be the pace setter for sustainability in global motorsport and in the wider automotive industry."
"F1 has the power to inspire millions of people across the world and, as the pinnacle of so many advanced technologies, F1 has the ability to create technical solutions to help tackle the challenges we face as a planet," said Capito.
"As we progress towards our goal to be climate positive in the years ahead, my hope is that Williams Racing can inspire all those connected with our sport and beyond, using motorsport as a catalyst for significant and long-lasting change."
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