Oilseed extraction: it’s all in the data

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Trucent’s enhanced corn oil separation offering has three prongs: new corn oil separation chemistry, improved mechanical separation solutions, and optimisation services

The story behind Trucent’s updated programme started with a basic question, says Jennifer Aurandt-Pilgrim, director of technical services. “Our clients were asking us, ‘Why does our corn oil performance change from day to day, or when we change an enzyme, what’s going on?’” When she looked for papers and published data to find some answers, she couldn’t find any. “So we set out to make our own database for corn oil extraction.”

The Trucent team started collecting samples from its 30 dry grind ethanol plants, and quickly uncovered another issue. “We found the analytical tools being used were not very good,” she explains. They weren’t getting the total oil number from the different matrices at a corn ethanol plants: whole stillage, thin stillage, wet cake, syrup. “So we developed our own analytical techniques.”

A statistical analysis of the data collected over five years identified several key performance indicators that affect corn...

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