Global corn producers unite through MAIZALL

The three countries account for 70% of global output
The three countries account for 70% of global output
Corn farmers in the US, Argentina and Brazil have united through MAIZALL - the international maize alliance, which works with both individual countries and international regulatory bodies to advocate for science-based policies.
MAIZALL is a coalition of maize farmer associations from Argentina (MAIZAR), Brazil (Abramilho) and the US (the National Corn Growers Association and the US Grains Council) that are working together to share expertise and information and to address trade barriers to agricultural innovation.
The three countries represent 70% of global corn exports, and the majority of their farmers have similar stances on issues like biotechnology, genome-editing or maximum residue levels. Their joint efforts through MAIZALL help strengthen each country’s work to promote an understanding of the benefits of plant breeding technology and address global trade barriers and obstacles.
“Growers in Argentina, Brazil and the US all face similar regulatory barriers in overseas markets,” said Allison Nepveux, US Grains Council manager of trade policy.
“By working together, MAIZALL helps provide unified support for timely and science-based regulations, innovative agricultural technologies and barrier-free trade.”
MAIZALL has already secured farmer representation for North and South America at the 2021 United Nations Food Systems Summit in New York.
The three countries account for 70% of global output