Chinese aviation authority to map out quality control standards for SAF

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The Civil Aviation Authority of China (CAAC) has announced the formation of the country's first technical centre for sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) that focuses on standard setting and product research, Reuters reported.
The new centre, based in Chengdu, will take the lead in mapping out industry policy and setting up standards for products and quality control.
CAAC also aims to establish a Chinese certification system for sustainable fuel.
The centre is setting up test facilities for new products, according to the report on the regulator's news site, which added that China's total aviation fuel consumption is likely to exceed 50 million metric tonnes per year by 2030 and the use of SAF could reach 2.5 million tonnes per year.
SAF can be made from sustainably sourced renewable waste and residues such as used cooking oil and animal fat waste, or processed from renewable power-based hydrogen.

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