Ad campaign urges Biden not to make RFS U-turn

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The National Biodiesel Board has launched an ad campaign in the US calling on President Biden to maintain his commitment to the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS).
The biodiesel and renewable diesel industry supports 65,000 US jobs and more than $17 billion (€14.4 billion) in economic activity each year.
Every 100 million gallons of production supports 3,200 jobs and $780 million (€663 million) in economic opportunity.
Biodiesel production supports approximately 13% of the value of each US. bushel of soybeans.
The RFS is a federal programme that requires transportation fuel sold in the US to contain a minimum volume of renewable fuels.
"As a candidate last August, Joe Biden called the Renewable Fuel Standard 'our bond with our farmers and our commitment to a thriving rural economy.' But now, there are reports he's considering handouts to oil refiners -- at the expense of biodiesel producers and soybean farmers," the ad states. "Contact your member of Congress. Let them know, it's time for President Biden to make good on his promise and to support Midwest farmers and biodiesel producers.”
Kurt Kovarik, NBB's vice president for federal affairs, added: "The RFS is a vital policy for the biodiesel industry and for soybean producers.
“Instability in the programme creates economic uncertainty for the communities where biodiesel production generates jobs and economic growth. As members of Congress return to their states and districts this summer, we want them to hear that message and encourage President Biden to maintain his commitment to the RFS programme and to rural communities."