Xfuels Inc to produce biodiesel at Bieseker plant

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Canada-based Xfuels Inc will begin to produce biodiesel (B100) at its Bieseker plant.
The company, with its headquarters in Alberta, will purchase and install a continuous biodiesel production system capable of processing 50 barrels per hour. It will also have the ability to expand the unit to 100 barrels per hour.
Michael McLaren, the company’s CEO, said: “With access to our own power production as well as an abundance of oilseed and methanol in the area, it makes sense to produce this product at our site.
“To further enhance the project, the company will also purchase a blending unit to produce our own B-20 biodiesel product to run in the Cycle Energy Services rigs and equipment.
“Fuel cost is one of the largest expenses when utilising our equipment for abandonment or workovers and recapturing some of those costs while increasing 20% renewable utilization is a win-win for the company.”
The company will also integrate its priority grinding and oil extraction using the Szego mill for maximum yield of usable oil.
The spent waste will be utilised in the retrofitted incinerator to produce gas for power production.
Xfuels decided on a technology manufactured in Europe and will move forward with the purchase of the system. The company is also entertaining becoming an authorised integrator of the technology for the US and Canada.
The project will begin concurrently with the retrofit of the small incinerator unit already under way.

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