US Grains Council: ‘The reality is the physical movement of grain, feed and ethanol hasn’t fundamentally changed’

The US grain trade has continued supplying countries with much-needed commodities during the COVID-19 pandemic.
As many parts of the world are on the verge of reopening, the US Grains Council president and CEO Ryan LeGrand sat down with the National Association of Farm Broadcasting to discuss how the movement of grain has continued.
He explained trains are continuing to move north to Canada and south to Mexico; barge facilities are operating throughout the inland waterway system; and vessels are loading and shipping US products to destinations around the world.
He did note shortages in container availability, but emphasised grain is moving, and the US is open for business.
He said: “The reality is the physical movement of grain, feed and ethanol hasn't fundamentally changed.
“Loading the various modes of transportation with grains really doesn't require the presence of a large group of people, so the flow of grain and feed has gone largely uninterrupted during the pandemic.”
LeGrand said that while he expects few changes in the overall processes of fulfilling customer orders, there have been some shifts.
“I think...

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