Ten organisations form Brazilian Alliance for Aviation Biofuels

Following a meeting held on 6 May this year in São Paulo, Brazil, ten organisations have come together to form the Brazilian Alliance for Aviation Biofuels with a vision to promote public and private initiatives that seek to develop and certify sustainable biofuels for aviation.

The ten groups forming the alliance include Algae Biotechnology, Amyris Brazil, the Brazilian Association of Jatropha Producers, the Brazilian Aerospace Industry Association, Azul Brazilian Airlines, Embraer Association, GOL Airlines, TAM Airlines, TRIP Airlines, and the Brazilian Sugarcane Industry Association. The Brazilian Alliance for Aviation Biofuels believes that additional organisations will join the group in the future.

According to the United Nations Organisation (UNO) Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) the aviation sector creates approximately 2% of the global carbon dioxide (CO2) output. With increasing concerns surrounding greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and fossil fuels companies associated with the aviation industry are becoming increasingly involved with a number of different projects in order to advance the development of sustainable GHG-busting fuels.

The Brazilian Alliance for Aviation Biofuels holds the belief that biofuels created from biomass holds the key for insuring the expansion of the aviation industry.

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