Renewables overtook fossil fuels in UK in 2020

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Annual renewable generation in the UK has outstripped fossil fuel generation for the first time last year.
UK government statistics confirmed this had reached a record 43.1% share of energy generation.
According to the Digest of UK Energy Statistics (DUKES) fossil fuel generation declined to a record low of 37.7%.
Overall, in 2020 renewables accounted for 13.6% of total energy consumption, compared to 11.7% in 2019, the figures show.
Renewable UK’s chief executive Dan McGrail said: “This is stellar news in the year that the UK is hosting the biggest international summit on climate change for years.
“It’s another significant step on the road to net zero emissions, but we need to move even faster and decarbonise the power sector by 2035,” added McGrail.