Parcel delivery firm makes switch to biodiesel

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DPD will switch its entire diesel HGV fleet to Gd+ HVO in conjunction with integrated energy provider Essar and Green Biofuels.
Gd+ HVO is a direct drop-in replacement for diesel, developed by Green Biofuels and is defined as renewable and sustainable under the EU's RED II legislation.
Gd+ HVO can be used in any diesel engine without the need for modifications or capital expenditure. It is approved by vehicle manufacturers, and there is no degradation in performance.
DPD will begin switching its 1,600 strong HGV fleet to Gd+ HVO immediately, and following a four-month trial, the company aims to convert 60% of its vehicles within 2022 - reducing emissions by 70,282 tonnes compared to 2021.
The remaining vehicles will switch by the end of 2023. Gd+ HVO will be delivered directly to DPD's onsite tanks nationwide by existing bulk fuel supplier Essar.
Justin Pegg, chief operating officer at DPD, said: "This is a very significant step in the journey to decarbonising our entire fleet and achieving our aim of being the most sustainable parcel delivery company in the UK. While we are well on the way to electrifying our delivery van fleet, the HGV linehaul fleet has always been a very different challenge. We have assessed a range of options and it is clear now that this is the most effective and practical way to make a real difference.”
Carlos Rojas, head of marketing and logistics at Essar, said: "Essar is committed to playing a leading role in the decarbonisation of the UK economy and manufacturing the fuels of the future in a lower carbon way.”
William Tebbit, CEO and co-founder of Green Biofuels, said: "We are delighted to be working with Essar and DPD. Our mission is to support the net-zero energy transition by providing a solution that that makes an immediate impact on local air quality, lowers CO2 emissions, and supports decarbonisation.”

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