Oxford airport expands facilities for more SAF

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London Oxford Airport has embarked on a major infrastructure development project that will include a new fuel farm that will quadruple the storage capacity of the original facility.
This will also provide future storage space for sustainable aviation fuel.
A centrally located fire station is under construction as well, while the centerpiece will be the airport's 15th hangar.
When completed in the third quarter, the 6,000-sq-mt (63,000-sq-ft) structure will include two bays with offices and workshops and will be capable of sheltering up to six large-cabin business jets.
“In a new post-pandemic economic environment, it’s crucial that the UK ramps up its capacity to provide growth and further employment, especially in high value, high-skilled and knowledge-based industrial sectors,” said Will Curtis, the airport’s managing director, adding that the timing of the development is crucial as business aviation and aerospace are set to rebound.
“Now that we have put in the infrastructure for growth, we can build further facilities with relative ease and speed and further bolster employment opportunities.”
The new facility will be used predominantly by the airport’s established tenants, many of which are currently occupying WWII-era hangars, as well as for space to store larger business jets, which has been limited at the airport. Those eight-decade-old hangars will be progressively replaced with new ones based on customer demand, according to the airport, which is home to several maintenance repair and operations.