New bill’s a boost for Washington’s biofuel industry

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The clean air and biofuels industry have received a boost in the state of Washington as the low-carbon fuel standard has come into force.
After years of discussion, the HB Bill 1091 was finally passed by the Washington State Senate in early April.
The goal of HB 1091 is to put into law a low-carbon fuel standard (LCFS) in the state of Washington, which will improve the air quality by reducing carbon intensity from traditional transportation fuels.
The Bill also promises to offer more low-carbon and renewable alternatives, like SAF that will be produced by Northwest Advanced Bio-Fuels.
The HB Bill 1091 places limits on the amount of carbon in transportation fuels by 10% by 2028 and 20% by 2035. The Bill also allows producers to purchase carbon credits.
“In the carbon lifecycle, we’re eliminating 80% or more of the emission relative to the petroleum fuel,” said Nausher Khan, NWABF director of project Development. “The LCFS provides incentives up to 125% emission reduction.”
The clean fuel standard Bill will help the state of Washington to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions and help it to become a climate change leader.
In addition, proponents of the Bill noted that it would help the state to build out charging stations for electric cars, support the renewable industry in general, and boost the regional economic development and transportation.