EWABA backs FuelEU maritime deal

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EWABA, which represents over 40 stakeholders from the EU waste-based and advanced biodiesel industry, has strongly welcomed the political deal reached by the FuelEU maritime negotiators.
The preliminary deal on the regulation paves the way for the EU to become a global leader in maritime transport decarbonization by significantly reducing emissions in the shipping sector.
EWABA members already supply the maritime sector with significant volumes of renewable waste-based and advanced biodiesel that achieves +90% GHG emissions compared to conventional fossil fuels.
“Our industry stands ready to significantly increase deliveries to the shipping sector to achieve the new ambitious EU maritime decarbonization objectives,” EWABA Secretary General Angel Alvarez Alberdi said.
According to the text agreed last night, waste-based biofuels produced from Annex IX Part B feedstocks are essential for the sector’s fuel mix.
Waste-based and advanced biodiesel maintains several qualities that make it vital for shipping: i) compatibility with existing engines, ii) highest GHG savings on record under the RED II Annex V, iii) cost-efficiency and iv) very high energy density, one of the highest of all fuels that will support the future of a cleaner maritime industry.
In addition to producing biodiesel, our industry collects and supplies much needed waste feedstocks to produce waste-derived biodiesel for ships.
The FuelEU Regulation is promoting renewable liquid fuels and recognizing their important role in decarbonizing the existing and future fleet.

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