Crucial treatments

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Oil and gas companies are increasingly exploring clean fuel avenues and HVO and sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) appear to be the main trend.
However, the balance between decarbonisation and biofuel production can only be achieved by using sustainable feedstock. This is why the use of raw material waste and residue for biofuel production is an excellent example of answering to the needs of a circular economy.

TECHNOILOGY’s role in biofuel production

TECHNOILOGY is an engineering company that was established in 1950 and with a long tradition in the oils and fats industry.
In early 2000s they focused on second generation biodiesel and started to design plants for the processing of low grade vegetable oils and fats.
The company was anticipating future trends and, therefore, it was quick to begin developing processes for the pre-treatment of further low-grade feedstock.
By carrying trials in its R&D facilities, it developed a special treatment for waste feedstock such as UCO, low grade animal fats, Acid oil, POME, EFB, SBEO, PFAD, TCO, namely...

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