Canadian company to turn sewage sludge into biofuels

The Canadian city of Calgary and Steeper Energy Canada have announced a new agreement to transform sewage sludge and waste for the production of sustainable biofuels like renewable diesel or jet fuel.
The agreement will see the development of a demonstration plant at the Pine Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant in the city.
The city will supply a small portion of its primary and secondary sewage sludge to produce advanced biofuels via Steeper’s proprietary Hydrofaction technology.
Upon concluding final arrangements and the approval from Steeper’s board of directors, the project could break ground in early 2021.
The new plant will be North America’s first demonstration of Steeper’s proven Hydrofaction technology – a patented thermo-chemical process that converts bio-organic wastes into renewable biofuels.
City of Calgary Councillor Ward Sutherland said: “This innovative venture highlights how the City of Calgary is partnering with business to lower costs, help the environment and jump start diversification of our economy.”
Mary Moran, president and CEO of Calgary Economic Development, added: “Steeper Energy is an example of an innovative Calgary start-up that is an emerging force in our cleantech ecosystem by applying innovative thinking and advanced technology to turn municipal wastewater into advanced biofuels. When we talk about Calgary being a centre of excellence in all things energy, Steeper is doing the type of ground-breaking work that expands our horizons to the future of our energy sources.”
Perry Toms, CEO of Steeper Energy, said: “The Calgary Urban-Waste Demonstration Project at Pine Creek represents the next phase of Steeper’s commercialisation of Hydrofaction and will open exciting new market opportunities for Steeper globally. The transformation of sewage sludge and other urban generated biomass wastes to sustainable transport fuels delivers multiple environmental and social benefits and takes advantage of Calgary’s reputation as a global energy innovator.”

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