Biofuel ‘ATM’ launches in Kenya

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Kenya-based KOKO Networks announced that it has launched a ‘state-of-the-art’ production facility in Ruaraka, Nairobi, The Exchange reports.

In a partnership with African Shell licensee Vivo Energy, KOKO will be mainstreaming bioethanol cooking fuel in Kenya through a network of shopkeepers.

According to the report, KOKO has released the ‘world’s first’ Smart Fuel ATM network in Nairobi.

The network will be operational in the coming months, providing customers access to cooking fuel within a short distance of their home.

Customers can purchase a KOKO Cooker at their local KOKO shopkeeper or via the company’s smartphone app. Then, they can top up their KOKO fuel account and then access bioethanol cooking fuel at any ‘KOKOpoint’ fuel ATM.

“The technology we are inaugurating today is exciting and a show of what we can do together,” said Betty Maina, principal secretary in the Ministry of Industrialisation.

“The future is bright for affordable energy in Kenya. We have been seeking to answer the question of affordable energy and looking to find a working solution and I believe KOKO provides this opportunity.’’