ATM-style machines used to dispense bioethanol in Kenya

Residents using the machines
Residents using the machines
Vending machines are being used to dispense liquid bioethanol to customers across Nairobi in Kenya.
Designed and built by KOKO Networks, these machines are being installed inside local shops to provide fuel in small quantities for daily cooking.
These form part of a solution to a widespread problem in African cities - how to get clean fuel for cooking into homes safely and affordably.
Across many African countries, the cooking fuel market is dominated by charcoal and paraffin, both of which emit toxic fumes and soot.
The machines, resembling ATMs, dispense bioethanol, which in East Africa is a sustainable by-product of the local sugar industry.
Titan Enterprises’ flow meter technology is playing an important role in supporting KOKO Networks deliver the green fuel to customers.
KOKO has installed around 700 fuel points in corner stores right across Nairobi and is preparing to expand across the rest of Kenya from next year.
Neil Hannay, business development manager at Titan Enterprises, said: “KOKO required a highly reliable and inexpensive flow meter capable of precisely dispensing ethanol cooking fuel in small volumes.”
Residents using the machines