US ethanol industry ready to respond after pipeline cyber attack

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Growth Energy is calling for a reduction in restrictions to higher ethanol-blended fuel in light of the Colonial 2 pipeline cyber attack.
On the fifth day after the attack on the pipeline, the US organisation sent a letter to US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Regan and US Department of Energy (DoE) Secretary Granholm calling for the change in policy as relief for resulting supply disruptions and rising gas prices.
“E15 is now sold at nearly 2,400 locations across the country including several hundred locations throughout the south-east – where the impact of the Colonial is most felt. By immediately removing remaining regulatory hurdles and providing greater access to E15, you can help keep fuel prices in check for American consumers and ease concerns about fuel supply,” said CEO Emily Skor.
“We ask that you make E15 broadly available at all fuel terminals in areas impacted by related fuel shortages.
“We also request EPA finalise the proposed rule that would broaden the availability of existing infrastructure for use with E15 and related labelling concerns.
“We also urge you to remove unnecessary misfuelling requirements including restrictions on the use of E15 in shared fuelling hoses with 10% blended fuel and related fuel sampling requirements. Finally, we strongly encourage the government to strengthen its use of higher ethanol blends such as E85 in its current flex-fuel vehicle fleet.”