Rising to the challenge

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Biofuels are playing a significant role in the shift towards a more sustainable energy future.
Derived from renewable sources like plants and waste materials, they offer a potential alternative to fossil fuels.
However, challenges like competition for land use and ensuring truly sustainable production methods, need to be addressed by the market to maximise the benefits of biofuels in the energy revolution.
Science has an important role to play in providing the analytical tools that underpin the research and day-to-day laboratory work, which keeps this industry moving forward.
The market is a diverse playing field with a mix of established companies and innovative labs pushing the boundaries. On one hand, there are major corporations like ADM, Chevron, Valero and Cargill – household names in agriculture and energy that are now major players in biofuel production. They have the resources and infrastructure to produce biofuels at a large scale, focusing on established options like ethanol and biodiesel.

New generation

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