PRIO sets sail with new biodiesel for the shipping industry

The fuel has15% biodiesel content
The fuel has15% biodiesel content
PRIO has launched a new green fuel for ships with 15% biodiesel content.
Eco Bunkers, developed from raw waste material recycling processes, is produced at PRIO's biodiesel plant in Aveiro in Portugal.
Accoring to PRIO, Eco Bunkers allows for a reduction of up to 18% in CO2 emissions.
This new sustainable base product is the result of more than 10 years of research and development work in biofuels technology.
Luís Nunes, director of PRIO supply, said: “By continuing to invest in biofuels and bringing them into maritime transport, we are showing not only our commitment to innovation, but also to sustainability. Being the first to do so on the Iberian Peninsula is a sign of leadership and pride.”
Since 2013, PRIO has accelerated its commitment to advanced biofuels, produced through the recycling of used cooking oils.
PRIO has also been investing in the production of biodiesel through other types of waste feedstock, such as forest, urban and industrial waste.
Eco Bunkers is ideal for fleets of ships seeking to reduce their ecological footprint while ensuring high levels of performance without any need for additional investment in fuel adaptation to ship engines.
The fuel has15% biodiesel content