Port charts a course in the biofuels industry

Rotterdam Port at dusk
Rotterdam Port at dusk
In the port of Rotterdam the production, trade, storage and transhipment of biofuels come together.
The port is ideally situated for the supply of raw materials and biofuels from around the world. The same applies to the distribution of biofuels across Europe.
Four biofuel production facilities are located in the port (Alco Group, Biopetrol, LyondellBasell and Neste) and there is room for growth.
Several more biofuel nodes of the biofuel supply chain are present at the port – among them are ADM, Cargill, Bunge-Loders Croklaan, Sime Darby and Wilmar, which are involved in importing and handling biofuel feedstock while Koole, Vopak, BTT, Maastank and Neste Terminal (they just bought the former Count Terminal) store products and several oil majors, midstream companies and traders blend and distribute the biofuel across the continent.
An analysis of that port’s resources, characteristics and activities shows that its current services and infrastructure allow it to fulfil the facilitating and initiating role in developing the port.
This makes it a good candidate for taking on more of a co-ordinating and orchestrating role in the...

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Rotterdam Port at dusk