India takes step towards approving 100% biodiesel vehicles

The Indian government took a step towards allowing 100% biodiesel to be pumped into vehicles when the Ministry for Road Transport and Highways released a draft notification for mass emission standards for biodiesel.

The move aims to reduce India’s dependence on the import of fossil oil and to help reduce pollution form vehicles by allowing the distribution of 100% biodiesel, known as B100.

Nearly 80% of diesel is used only for transportation purposes in India. 

The draft states that newly manufactured vehicles with compression ignition engines compatible of running on diesel or a mixture of bio-diesel up to B100 will need to be type approved as per prevailing diesel emission norms.

The standards for test requirements for type approval and extension of four- and three-wheeled vehicles using B100, fossil diesel, or both are also included in the draft.

After testing, the level of biodiesel blend the vehicle is capable of handling will have to be displayed on a clearly visible sticker.

Measures to approve B100 vehicles have also been undertaken in Brazil and cities such as California and Berkeley in the US.

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