Gulfstream makes first sale of sustainable alternative jet fuel

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Gulfstream Aerospace has made its first sale of sustainable alternative jet fuel (SAJF) to a US-based Gulfstream operator.

The customer bought 20,000 pounds of Gulfstream’s bio-jet fuel from its facility in Long Beach, California for its Gulfstream G550 aircraft.

“This sale is a direct result of our efforts to increase the visibility and availability of sustainable alternative jet fuel for our customers,” said Mark Burns, president of Gulfstream Aerospace.

“We are committed to helping promote increased use of SAJF throughout the industry. We’ve been using the fuel since 2016 with our corporate, demonstration and Flight Test fleets, and we’re now proud to offer it to operators as well. We look forward to the day this fuel is commonplace in our industry and we are all doing our part to reduce emissions worldwide.”

Since 2012, the company has been using a blend of 30/70 low-carbon, drop-in SAJF and Jet-A fuel in operations at its headquarters in Savannah. The bio-jet fuel is produced at World Energy’s refinery, located near Long Beach Airport.

The US Federal Aviation Administration has confirmed that SAJF is safe to use. Throughout its lifecycle, the fuel achieves more than a 50% reduction in greenhouse gas emission per gallon, compared to petroleum-based jet fuel.

Gulfstream also announced that it will start using SAJF on large-cabin aircraft flights from Long Beach Airport in the near future.