Growth Energy welcomes biofuels relief package

The HEROES Act has been passed
The HEROES Act has been passed
Growth Energy has welcomed the inclusion of long-awaited assistance for the struggling biofuels industry in the HEROES Act.
The Health and Economic Recovery Omnibus Emergency Solutions (HEROES) Act is a new COVID-19 relief package that has passed the US House of Representatives.
“The economic onslaught sparked by COVID-19 has taken a terrible toll on rural families, who face an uncertain future even as they work tirelessly to ensure an uninterrupted harvest of essential food, fiber, and biofuel,” said Growth Energy CEO Emily Skor.
“The provision providing assistance to biofuels in the HEROES Act represents a welcome signal that lawmakers understand the urgent need to rebuild the strength of America’s agricultural supply chain after half the US biofuel industry was forced offline.
She added: “We are grateful to House leaders who have fought to ensure biofuel workers and rural communities are not left behind in this process, and we urge Congress to also provide relief for furloughed workers, farmers and their families in future legislation to address COVID-19.”
Specifically, this provision will authorise the Department of Agriculture to provide $0.45 (€0.42) per gallon of ethanol produced from January 1 through to May 1.
Producers forced offline for one or more calendar months during this time would qualify for the same credit, based on half the volume produced during the corresponding month or months in 2019.
The aid reflects appeals submitted by Growth Energy and other farm and biofuels' leaders for assistance.
The HEROES Act has been passed