Gevo and Renmatix to evaluate creation of renewable jet fuel

North American fuel company Gevo announced that it has signed a joint agreement with technology licensor Renmatix to evaluate the commercial feasibility of creating renewable jet fuel with Renmatix’s Plantrose process and Gevo’s Gift technology.

The Plantrose process involves converting biomass, mainly plant materials, into cellulosic sugar, a feedstock used to develop renewable fuel alternatives. Gevo’s Gift technology allows for the continuous removal of isobutanol in the fermentation process.

Both Gevo and Renmatix will explore project opportunities for renewable and low-emission fuel, isobutanol, jet fuel and isooctane in markets where there is a convergence of low-cost biomass and low-carbon fuel incentives.

“At Gevo, we are replacing fossil-based jet fuel and gasoline with better-performing, renewable low-carbon jet fuel and isooctane to lower greenhouse gas emissions,” said Patrick Gruber, Gevo CEO.

“In addition to our approach that produces protein for food chain use while generating fermentable sugars used in the production of low-carbon fuels, we believe Renmatix’s Plantrose Process could enable us to achieve a cost-effective and sustainable means of producing low-carbon jet fuel and gasoline from fermentable sugars using cellulosic feedstocks. We look forward to working with Renmatix to create a fully integrated system that is capable of converting cellulosic materials to low-carbon renewable fuels at scale.”

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