Gadot offers supply chain and logistical chemical solutions

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Gadot Belgium operates a privately owned, 23 hectare multimodal terminal in the heart of Europe at the North Sea Port Ghent in Belgium.
With its extensive network of facilities and reliable partners, Gadot offers a wide range of sophisticated international supply chain and logistical chemical solutions.
The company is part of the international Gadot Group, with its headquarters in Israel, a global player and leader in chemical value chain management as well as chemical distribution.
Alongside Belgium, Gadot is active in the Netherlands (Chemship) and in Germany by offering a broad range of solutions to the market. Gadot sees biodiesel and HVO as an important driver for growth at its terminal and aims to expand this side of the business further.
The terminal handles over 200,000 metric tonnes of HVO and biodiesel at its site and recently it has added the storage and handling of UCO to its business.
As a contract manufacturing facility, the terminal specialises in the growth areas of new generation fuel additives, coolant formulations, speciality lubes blending and formulation of additive packages.
Its site offers over 100,000m³ of tank storage capacity, with tanks of over 6,000m³ and different sized blend tanks and reactors for speciality blending and high viscosity solutions.
Gadot provides sea vessel access, chemical reaction technology, specialised blending and dissolving installations, as well as a range of automated and manual filling lines for both small and large packages (1l to 1,000l). Following in the footsteps of its parent company, Gadot has expanded its activities in Europe for the distribution of chemicals.
Gadot Group has built up a strong network of global suppliers to provide quality products in chemical sales and distribution.
Its strategic location in the heart of Europe allows it to expand the group’s vision, while supporting local industry with essential chemicals for their industrial processes.
Thanks to water-bound access to Antwerp and Rotterdam ports, Gadot also covers export solutions for a broad range of chemical products, both in bulk and packed, to West and Central Africa.
Gadot said it offers a flexible and more service-oriented setup and supply chain than the traditional players in the market.
A company spokesman said: “Our commitment and contribution to a sustainable future drives our decisions and investments.
“We invest and co-invest in green power solutions and energy recuperation.” Working with BEE, Gadot has also established a PPA agreement to take green, sustainable heat in the form of steam generated from nonrecyclable wood waste biomass.
This initaitive supports Gadot’s plan to reduce more than 6,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions annually.
The spokesman added: “Our decisions are based on reflecting how we can do what we do best in a futureproof set-up.
“Our engineers specialise in the circular economy and in new technology to find cradle to cradle solutions for us and our customers. We make your products better in a sustainable way, so we can blend well together.”
Alongside our Chemship colleagues and partners, Gadot is investing in the possibilities of using biofuel, FAME and HVO in energy transition projects in the marine, fleet and jet solution sectors. Gadot is also exploring futureproof blends and related projects towards creating green solutions for the world. For more information:
Visit: gadot.be

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