ExxonMobil sells NZ biodiesel

US energy company ExxonMobil has become the first petrol company to sell a biodiesel blend at the pump in New Zealand.

The blend, 5% tallow-based biodiesel and 95% mineral diesel, has gone on sale as a trial in the Bay of Plenty.

In 2007, Gull Petroleum introduced Gull Force 10, a 90% petrol and 10% bioethanol blend.

Another renewable biofuel choice may soon be on offer if an application to allow E85, an 85% ethanol blend with 15% petrol, is approved by the Environmental Risk Management Authority.

‘The approval paves the way for flex-fuel cars, which cost little or no more than ordinary petrol vehicles, to be introduced into New Zealand,’ says Energy and Resources Minister Gerry Brownlee.

Less than 1% (0.7%) of New Zealand’s transport is derived from renewable energy.

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