Data firm backs wood as best choice for biofuels

Wood is the best feedstock choice to be converted into biofuels because it is the oldest energy source on the planet, according to a US-based data firm.

In a statement, North Carolina-based Forset2Market said wood works as a logical choice for biofuels because “the number of trees growing in the US has increased by more than 50% in the past 60 years” and “the wood supply chain is mature and stable”.

For project developers and investors pursuing greener replacements for petroleum-based fuels and chemicals, the choice of feedstock is a critical early decision point, the organisation said.

Speaking about the benefits of using wood, Forest2Market’s director of biomaterials and sustainability, Tracy Leslie said: "Timber has a long-term, reliable investment timeline. Unlike annual crops, which can be easily rotated and quickly move out of the market, it takes time to grow trees. Timber owners are committed to longer time frames.

“The length of the timber rotation period means that the quantity of wood supply can be forecast to provide a clear picture of future availability.

“Project developers, investors, lenders and government officials can all be assured that feedstock will be available to the processing facility throughout the life of the project as a result. This makes wood-based projects bankable."