Canadian clean energy plans include SAF development

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Touchwood Agency Tribal Council (TATC) and Rainforest Energy have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) for the joint evaluation and development of clean energy in Canada.
Under the MoU, the two companies will explore clean energy solutions in the territory of TATC members, who are the Day Star, George Gordon, Kawakatoose, and Muskowekwan First Nations in Saskatchewan.
A feasibility evaluation will be conducted to site a $250 million (€207 million) clean energy project at Punnichy, Saskatchewan, for the conversion of Indigenous-sourced waste and natural gas into 87 million litres per year of low-carbon petrol including sustainable aviation fuel.
Rainforest Energy is currently in offtake discussions with major crude oil refiners who need low-carbon fuel output to blend down their fossil fuels to meet the Canadian Clean Fuel Standard.
TATC will also evaluate other projects by Rainforest Energy for the consideration of participating alongside other Indigenous Nations.
“We are pleased to see an opportunity to walk the talk on protecting Mother Earth,” said Rod Favel, economic development programme manager at TATC. “The 40 permanent jobs at each clean energy facility and the potential 250 additional jobs with connected ventures will make a difference in our communities.”
Pete Lafontaine, executive chair of Rainforest Energy, added: “Our intention is to demonstrate how to build out viable clean energy projects in equal partnership with Indigenous communities.”