Algae Systems turns algae to biofuels

Algae Systems has finished constructing its biofuel production demonstration project in Daphne, Alabama.

The company uses a process that combines wastewater with algae to cultivate the world's first energy-producing wastewater treatment process, using carbon-negative technologies to produce biofuels.

'This is the first demonstration of producing clean water and biofuel from wastewater and algae. We have demonstrated that we can treat wastewater at a low-cost while beating the current price of fuel,' says Matthew Atwood, president and CEO of Algae Systems.

Algae Systems' technology converts wet algae and other biomass feedstocks into bio-crude oil, which is transformed into diesel, jet and petrol.

'Our next steps are to find commercial sites and raise additional financing for the company to expand,' adds Atwood.

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