A driver for growth

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Gadot Belgium operates a privately-owned, 23 hectare multimodal terminal in the heart of Europe at the North Sea Port Ghent in Belgium.
The terminal handles over 300,000 metric tonnes of biofuels at its site and has recently added the storage and handling of renewable feedstock to its business model.
Gadot sees biofuels and related business as an important driver for growth at its terminal.
As a premier one-stop shop facility, the facility is not just here to meet the needs of our customers – it aims to exceed them.
Its relentless focus on customer-centricity drives the company to tackle complexity head-on, pushing the boundaries of operational excellence with every challenge it embraces.

The our journey does not end there

Gadot thrives on providing end-to-end asset-based solutions, fuelled by its unwavering commitment to be a reliable, experienced partner to build a sustainable future.
At Gadot in Belgium, expertise goes beyond storage and handling.
Over 200,000 tons of end products every year are manufactured, blended or conditioned on its site.
In order to provide these...

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