VINCI Airports ramp up SAF usage

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VINCI Airports, operator of Toulon Hyères airport, and WFS, holder of the airport's fuelling contract, are launching a sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) service available to commercial and business aviation firms.
The fuels will be distributed in a 30% blend with conventional kerosene.
To distribute these fuels, VINCI Airports and WFS have chosen a 100% electric refuelling truck with electric propulsion and distribution, maximising the positive impact of this new service.
Produced from used cooking oil, SAF reduces CO2 emissions by around 80% over the entire life cycle compared to fossil fuel.
By offering SAF to airlines, VINCI Airports is acting to decarbonise aviation (scope 3), in parallel with the actions carried out within the scope of its own airport activities (scopes 1 and 2).
As a precursor to the distribution of SAF in France, VINCI Airports is continuing to deploy them on its network with the provision of SAF at Clermont-Ferrand Auvergne airport from April 2021 and Grenoble Alpes Isère airport.
Companies using SAF will benefit from a bonus under the eco-modulation scheme for landing fees implemented by VINCI Airports since 2020 in France.
This system of modulating landing fees (bonus/malus) according to aircraft CO2 emissions allows companies that emit less CO2 (more efficient fleet, use of SAF) to benefit from a reduction in their landing fees.
"This new offer of sustainable aviation fuels with a 100% electric vehicle demonstrates once again VINCI Airports' commitment to the decarbonisation of air transport, which we are applying here at Toulon Hyères Airport,” said Basma Jarbouai, director of Toulon Hyères Airport, VINCI Airports.

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