US biofuel industry fears: ‘Half the industry may be offline within weeks’

Growth Energy CEO Emily Skor has thanked rural America’s top elected leaders for their ongoing efforts to protect biofuel and farm jobs amid a steep drop in demand due to the Covid-19 global pandemic.
Led by Senators Chuck Grassley and Tammy Duckworth, a bipartisan coalition of 13 senators sent a letter calling on the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) to utilise resources in the recent relief package to help “farmers and producers who will bear the impact of this decrease in consumption, further damaging an already hurting rural economy and resulting in the closing of production facilities that employ many people in rural communities in our home state”.
The letter added: “We applaud our Senate champions for their ongoing efforts to protect rural communities, where farmers and biofuel producers have been stretched beyond the breaking point. “The plunge in biofuel demand sparked by Covid-19 has generated a perfect storm, adding to the burdens created by a foreign price war over oil, continued trade barriers, and regulatory uncertainty here at home.
“Nearly half the industry may be offline within weeks, and without swift and decisive action in Washington, many more may soon halt grain purchases or close their doors completely. The USDA should act quickly to implement the urgent call from lawmakers and safeguard farm and biofuel jobs.”

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