The EU’s climate is paramount and can’t be hijacked

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While overall greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions declined in Europe by 22.5% from 1990 to 2018, total transport emissions increased by more than 23%[1].The EU envisages net-zero emissions by 2050, with almost all sectors showing progress toward this goal, but transport being the notable exception.
The rise of total transport emissions was led by road transport, which grew almost 27% over the period and accounted for almost 95% of all transport emissions in 2018. Therefore,a key sector to achieve decarbonisation in Europe would be road transport, where emissions show no signs of reducing, but continue to grow.
Given the importance of curbing road transport emissions, it is quite a paradox that the European Commission has introduced proposals that will remove the best decarbonising tool for EU’s diesel vehicles – waste-based biodiesel - and especially without an existing alternative renewable fuel to replace it with.

Greenhouse gas emissions

Waste-based and advanced biodiesel achieves up to 90% GHG emission reduction performance compared with fossil-diesel (highest on record as per RED...

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