Plans take-off for new Norwegian renewable fuels plant

Norsk e-Fuel has announced plans to industrialise power-to-liquid (PtL) technology in Norway to convert electricity into renewable fuels.
The joint venture, with the new European industry consortium headquartered in Oslo, consists of four partners - Sunfire, the world’s leading PtL technology provider; Climeworks, a pioneer in CO2 air capture technology; Paul Wurth SA (SMS group), a leading international company for steel manufacturers, and the green investment company Valinor, parent company of Norsk Vind, the largest private wind power developer in Norway.
The first plant, with a production capacity of 10 million litres annually, will go into operation in 2023. This plant will be upscaled 10-fold to produce 100 million litres of renewable fuel before 2026.
The Herøya plant will then save 250,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions from industries such as the aviation industry every year. The upscaled, industrial sized plant will then serve as blueprint for a nationwide roll-out of the project.
“We are proud to have the best industry players including our Norwegian business partners on our side to realize this important project” said Norsk e-Fuel general manager Karl Hauptmeier. “Together, we combine the necessary corporate strength with the most advanced and efficient technologies to convert Norway’s extensive resources of wind- and hydropower into renewable fuels.”
At present, the European transport sector is still heavily reliant on fossil fuels. Using a single step co-electrolysis process, the innovative technologies of Sunfire and Climeworks convert renewable electricity, water and CO2 captured from ambient air and unavoidable CO2 sources into syngas. Renewable fuels, such as jet fuel, are then produced through further processing and refining.
The certified end products can be used directly in existing infrastructures.
“The potential for this project is staggering. Norsk e-fuel makes the supply of renewable fuel possible on a scale that is larger than has ever been achieved before – something that is crucial if we are to make global transportation truly sustainable.
“We are glad to contribute our direct air capture technology and know-how to help create renewable crude together with our partners,” added Climeworks co-founder and co-CEO Christoph Gebald.
Lars Helge Helvig, founder of Valinor and chairman of Norsk Vind added: “To put this in perspective, only one industrial scale plant will already provide enough blended renewable fuel for the top five domestic aviation routes in Norway combined (Oslo-Trondheim, OsloBergen, Oslo-Stavanger, Oslo-Tromso and Oslo-Bodo).
“This would effectively cut the current flight emissions between these cities by about 50%.”

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