New Renewable Energy Group website offers biofuel resources

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North American biodiesel producer Renewable Energy Group (REG) has launched a new website that offers resources about biodiesel and renewable diesel.

Educational, product and technical information is available on regi.com to those wanting to learn more about cleaner burning fuels.

“For more than 20 years, REG has been transforming renewable resources into cleaner fuels to meet the growing global demand for low-carbon fuel solutions for transportation markets,” said Gary Haer, vice-president of sales and marketing at REG. “We’re thrilled to share our expertise on our website, regi.com, to help people understand how their fuel choices can benefit the environment.”

The website, which aims to serve a range of visitors from public to customers to investors, offers information on the basics of different fuel types, technical information about company products, as well as purchase inquiry and job search functions.

An online resource centre features white papers, case studies, tips, articles and information for the media, the company added.