Mazda participates in race with car powered by next-generation biodiesel

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Mazda has participated in the Super Taikyu Race in Okayama and ran a car powered by biofuels.
The Japanese car manufacturer entered a car with a conventional diesel engine (Skyactiv-D 1.5) that ran on 100% bio-based fuel made from used cooking oil and microalgae fats.
Mazda is a member of the Hiroshima "Your Green Fuel" Project, a demonstration project in Hiroshima for popularising and spreading the use of next-generation biofuels jointly run by the Hiroshima Council for Automotive Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration and Euglena Co.
The project aims to establish a model for revitalising regional areas by retaining the entire value chain of carbon neutral fuels from the manufacture and supply of raw materials through to fuel use within the Hiroshima area.
In August 2020, the project confirmed that the performance of this biodiesel fuel was on a par with petroleum-based diesel fuel, and Mazda commenced using it in company cars with diesel engines.
The Skyactiv-D 1.5 engine, installed in the Mazda vehicle that competed in the Super Taikyu Race, was capable of demonstrating peak performance even running on next-generation biodiesel fuel without any engine modifications.

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