Marubeni Corporation looks to develop SAF production in Sarawak

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Marubeni Corporation has signed a memorandum of understanding regarding a feasibility study on the production and sales of sustainable aviation fuel..
This will be done by utilising biomass resources in collaboration with InvestSarawak, a Malaysian state government agency under the Ministry of International Trade, Industry and Investment, in Sarawak, Malaysia, on May 15.
The aviation industry is currently facing an urgent need to reduce CO2 emissions throughout the world, and the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) has accordingly introduced a CO2 emission reduction system.
SAF has great potential as a new generation low carbon fuel to replace conventional jet fuel, and the demand for SAF is expected to grow.
Marubeni formulated its long-term climate change vision in March 2021 and has positioned its green strategy as one of the basic policies for enhancing corporate value in its mid-term management strategy GC2024. Marubeni, together with InvestSarawak, will contribute to create new businesses, thereby contributing to the development of various industries and the economy in the state of Sarawak.

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