Malaysia forges ahead with B30 biodiesel goal

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The Malaysian government has reconfirmed its commitment to expand the B20 biodiesel programme throughout the country in stages.
Moving ahead, B30 biodiesel (30% palm methyl ester and 70% regular diesel) will be introduced in the South East Asian country by 2025.
The plan did not include a detailed timeline of how all this will happen, but it did state that for the transportation sector, the biodiesel blend will be “continuously upgraded from B15 (15% palm methyl ester and 85% regular diesel) to B20 and eventually to B30.”
Prime minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob recently presented the 12th Malaysia Plan (RMK-12), which is a five-year guide for the country’s development from 2021 to 2025.
In it, the government touched upon biodiesel usage and how it will be scaled up in the years to come.
At most fuel stations motorists have access to B10 biodiesel, which replaced Euro 2M diesel across Malaysia as of April 1.
This blend of 10% palm methyl ester and 90% regular diesel was first introduced in 2019.
The next step, B20 biodiesel was launched for the transportation sector in 2020, with the fuel (20% palm methyl ester and 80% regular diesel) being implemented in Langkawi and Labuan.
Originally, the nationwide implementation of B20 biodiesel was supposed to happen in June 2021. However, this was later pushed forward to early 2022.