Jet Zero Council meeting earns plaudits from aviation industry

The first meeting was recently held
The first meeting was recently held
The inaugural meeting of the Jet Zero Council between the government and aviation industry partners has been praised by the Sustainable Aviation (SA) coalition.
Sustainable Aviation is a group of all the major UK-based airlines, airports and manufacturers that are committed to decarbonising aviation, and many SA members participated in the meeting of the Jet Zero Council last week.
Chairman Adam Morton said: “The creation of the Jet Zero Council is a major milestone in Britain’s move to decarbonise aviation, and the inclusion of a wide range of expertise from Sustainable Aviation members is particularly encouraging.
“As our decarbonisation road map set out earlier this year, the adoption of newer, more efficient aircraft and sustainable aviation fuels can help realise the Government’s ambition to deliver jet-zero. Sustainable Aviation and our members are committed to delivering net-zero carbon emissions across UK aviation and aerospace by 2050.”
He added: “It is exciting to see that establishing UK production facilities for sustainable aviation fuels is a priority for the Jet Zero Council. We would eagerly welcome Government support for rapid commercialisation of this innovative technology to help decarbonise aviation, level up the country with new high value-added green jobs, and fuel a green recovery.”
The first meeting was recently held