Finnish postal fleet to use renewable diesel to drive down emissions

Posti will begin to use renewable Neste MY diesel in its light delivery fleet in line with its continued efforts to develop its emission-free e-commerce logistics.
The volume of parcels delivered by Posti has increased sharply in the last few years, with millions of parcels delivered every week this spring. Posti’s own fleet covers roughly 40% of the parcel deliveries in Finland.
“The growth of e-commerce was already fast, but it has really exploded this spring. Both Posti and the online retailers have their roles to play in building the growth on a sustainable foundation, but consumers can also contribute by their sustainable purchase decisions,” said Arttu Hollmérus, Senior vice president, parcel and eCommerce business group at Posti.
By adopting the renewable Neste MY diesel, Posti can influence this critical stage and reduce its own greenhouse gas emissions by approximately 3.8 million kg annually. This is the equivalent of removing nearly 1,300 cars from traffic.
“In this day and age, our customers are very conscious of the ways in which they can make a difference in terms of the environment and take concrete action to help reduce the carbon footprint. Thanks to the fuel made of waste and scraps, our customers’ purchases will get delivered generating lower emissions. We believe that this will become increasingly clear in our customers’ choices down the line,” concluded Hollmérus.
Posti aims to achieve zero emissions in its own operations by 2030. The renewable Neste MY diesel is a concrete and immediate step toward this goal.
Posti is also currently looking at ways for its transport partner network to switch to alternative fuels.

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