Eni and BF to develop agro-industrial supply chain for energy use

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Eni and BF have signed an agreement to evaluate the development of crops for energy use - recovering degraded, abandoned or polluted land, without competing with the food chain.
The agreement in Italy has a first study-phase to evaluate the sustainability and competitiveness of an agro-industrial chain to be jointly developed.
A pilot phase will be launched next year, by cultivating seeds such as sunflower and brassica from which to extract the vegetable oil to be sent to Eni's biorefineries for transformation into biofuels.
“Today we are strengthening our collaboration with BF on a great potential project for the country as it aims to regenerate marginal areas, such as contaminated or degraded ones, and at the same time promotes rural development and integration with the energy industry which supports decarbonisation of transport,” said Claudio Descalzi, chief executive officer of Eni.
“The alliance between Eni and BF is consolidated with Progetto Italia which demonstrates the essential role of agriculture in the diversification of energy sources.
“In addition to the research and development activities of the JV in our company in Sardinia, we are starting today to a new initiative which involves the study and subsequent production of the first 2,000 national hectares of land used for the cultivation of oilseeds. The project will enhance abandoned areas of the country, recovering and inserting them in a virtuous circuit which at the same time will give Italian agricultural entrepreneurs new diversification opportunities for their activities,” declared Federico Vecchioni, CEO of BF Spa.
The agricultural productions will respond to the ISCC voluntary certification scheme (International Sustainability & Carbon Certification) to guarantee the sustainability and traceability requirements of the products in accordance with the relevant European legislation.
The cultivation of the seeds can take place in farms directly owned by BF, as well as in consortia, cooperatives and professional organizations located on the territory that will be able to collaborate with BF and Eni.

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