Eco-Energy on track to complete construction of ethanol distribution terminal

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Biofuel supply chain company Eco-Energy has entered the final stage of construction on its ethanol distribution facility in Phoenix, Arizona, US.

The terminal will be Eco-Energy’s 10th distribution facility for the clean fuel and is on track to commence operations in the third quarter of 2020.

“The unprecedented and unique capabilities of this terminal will undoubtedly alleviate the logistical constraints experienced in the Phoenix market,” commented Chad Conn, vice-president of distribution at Eco-Energy.

Once operational, the Eco-Energy site will be able to offload ethanol from railcars to dedicated storage where it will then be transferred via pipeline to every local blending terminal.

“Combining location and state-of the-art design, this ethanol terminal will deliver the most efficient and attractive solution for suppliers and blenders in the Phoenix market,” added Conn.

The Union Pacific Railroad will provide rail service to the ethanol terminal, with plans to handle over 250 million gallons of fuel annually.

The facility, which has over four million gallons of dedicated ethanol storage, will provide much needed ratability and security of supply to the ethanol market.

“We are very proud to finalise this Phoenix project,” continued Josh Bailey, CEO of Eco-Energy. “This project highlights our team’s ability to collaborate, align incentives, and generate clear value-add throughout the supply chain. Cooperation that creates solutions for multiple stakeholders is what our industry needs to increase the availability and consumption of high octane, low carbon, cost-competitive ethanol.”