Avfuel expands SAF delivery

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Avfuel Corporation now provides a consistent supply of Neste MY Sustainable Aviation Fuel to Del Monte Aviation (KMRY).
The announcement comes after the fuel supplier announced it would do the same for Monterey Jet Centre —Del Monte Aviation’s sister FBO on the airport field and Avfuel’s first consistently-supplied SAF location.
“Del Monte Aviation is pleased to offer aircraft owners and operators a low carbon alternative at the forefront of the shift toward a sustainable aviation industry,” said Matthew Wright, vice president of Del Monte Aviation.
“We are the only FBO in the nation offering the highest available blend of SAF direct to customers because we store our Neste MY SAF in a dedicated tank. “This pioneering approach is part of our commitment to help our customers achieve real, immediate, beneficial impacts related to their carbon footprint from air travel.
“With over 200,000 gallons of SAF delivered so far, Del Monte has proven to be one of the global leaders in our commitment to reducing the CO2 impact of aviation operations through offering sustainable fuels.”
By expanding the availability of SAF at Monterey Regional Airport, Avfuel, Del Monte Aviation and Monterey Jet Centre can together support the green initiatives of the Monterey community and its eco-conscious clientele.
Since Avfuel began supplying SAF to the airport last year, it has provided approximately 216,000 gallons of the fuel.
For Monterey Regional Airport’s operations, this volume of fuel equates to reducing carbon emissions by an estimated 513 metric tons.
Matthias Niederhäuser, partner of Diamondo Earthrounding, and consultant and data analyst of Niederhauser Solutions GmbH Aviation, said: "What better way to celebrate completing our Pacific crossing than by fueling 30% SAF into our Diamond DA50 at Del Monte Aviation in MRY. Having a dedicated fuel truck supplying SAF to us and fellow aviators was a first on our Diamondo Earthrounding route around the globe.”