Airline shows commitment to sustainable aviation fuel

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“Sustainable aviation fuel is not necessarily the same as biofuel. The fact that something is made from organic raw materials, does not necessarily imply that it is sustainable. This led to some confusion,” explained Karel Bockstael, vice president of Sustainability at KLM.
“For KLM, the term SAF better describes the alternative we use instead of fossil fuel. The fuel we use is truly sustainable and does not lead to deforestation or replace food production.
“SAF also includes alternative fuels that are, for instance, made of CO2, renewable energy and water, better known as ‘synthetic kerosene’. This field is undergoing strong development, which is why it is logical that we have decided to rename our corporate programme.”
Sixteen members
The KLM Corporate SAF Programme was launched in 2012 and now includes sixteen partners, including ABN AMRO, Royal Schiphol Group and Arcadis. These businesses and institutions help KLM finance the purchase of SAF, thereby reducing the CO2 footprint of their business travel by air.
SAF can reduce CO2 emissions by 85% compared to fossil kerosene, but because it is in short supply...

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